Kartonsan is the leading coated cardboard producer in Turkey and one of the prominent producers in Europe.

As an examplary corporate citizen, Kartonsan operates with the avereness of its responsibilities on the axes of the economy, the environment and the society.


Kartonsan pursues its sustainable growth pathway with the quality approach reflecting its rooted experience and strong vision.

Paper and board is the most recycled packaging material in the EU.



Offering its products to millions of customers in nearly 30 countries, Kartonsan continues to develop its product portfolio in accordance with market and customer demands and to expand the product range.

32% of the industry raw materials are sourced in Europe from responsibly managed forests.



Kartonsan constantly advances its reputation and clinches its success as a trusted and respected producer.


With its solid financial and corporate structure, Kartonsan constantly advances its reputation as a trusted and respected producer while clinching its success through its commitment to create increasingly more value for its stakeholders.